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Sam & Andrew’s

We recently went to visit our good friends up in Edgemont in NW Calgary. They have the most amazing mountain views from their home, but until this day we had never managed to see them. We have always laughed over the fact that every time we visit them, their supposedly great mountain views are always shrouded in cloud and we didn’t really believe they were there!

They have now produced proof that they exist, so we thought we would share some of the fabulous views they get from their deck. Hidden again by fog!A beautiful sunset…
A Chinook arch at night…Snowflakes at night…J&E

The First Winter Snow Fall

We got our first substantial snow of the winter today. It started to snow at around 9am this morning and continued to snow until around 5pm, leaving us with about 6inches of snow on the ground.

The snow ploughs/gritters did manage to clear and grit the main routes by around mid afternoon. However, when we were out at midday, the roads were fairly slippery and overall conditions and visibility weren’t good, but with a little caution we could still get around.

We found some useful “driving in the snow” tips at the following web address. Some of the tips could be a little over cautious, but with a bit of common sense, getting around shouldn’t cause too many difficulties: Winter Driving Tips
This is a picture of one of the more frequently used roads, where track marks were quite visibleOne of the less frequently used roads where track marks are not so visibleSnow plough churning out snow to the sideThe upside to the snow falling on a fairly mild day, is that once you get safely home, you can play in snow and behave like a kid again!J&E

Autumn is Here

As we come towards the first anniversary of our emigration to Canada, autumn (or fall) is here. In fact, it only officially started this Monday gone but we think the trees had decided for themselves some little while back that the game was up for another season. Here’s a few pics to capture the beauty of the season. The first three are taken in High River, the next in De Winton and the last in Okotoks.Finally, although absolutely nothing to do with autumn, when taking shots in the rural lands around High River, we often find ourselves compelled to check on the progress of this little fellow…who we feel is rather sweet!J&E

June 20th, The First Day of Summer

Summer officially started in Alberta on Friday. No that’s not a typo…summer officially started this year, on June 20th! Thankfully, we have now entered a period of rather nice weather with temperatures in the 80’s most of this week just ending. We were getting very concerned as to how June might turn out given we had more rainfall in the first half of the month than is usual for the entire month of June. In fact, we are hearing this has been the wettest start to June in these parts since the 1930’s. It was clearly waiting for us to arrive! Anyway, as we say, the weather is coming on nicely now and everyone is beginning to relax in the sun…even the local animals. We were having a drive around today and came across this very chilled out goat enjoying the improved vantage point that his owner’s picnic table afforded him.J&E

Weather from the Arctic

It has suddenly got unbearably cold. We have had several weather warnings on the local news and we have even been told that our skin can freeze at these sort of temperatures! Are we going outside? We don’t think so! Here is a picture of our thermometer which shows a temperature of minus 30!! The wind chill apparently makes it feel more like minus 40!
This is the ice on the INSIDE of our double glazed windows. Oh and by the way we kept the heat on all night!
This is Eamonn clearing the drive after last nights snow!

Keep warm

Weather Report & Local Scenes

Having reported in the last item that we hadn’t had any snow since just after Christmas, we’ve now had the biggest falls of the winter so far. We’ve had several inches over a couple of days ending on Sunday, as illustrated with this shot (from Janet’s new camera) of the view when we opened our back door.

The last few days have been very overcast (white skies) and on at least one day, we have seen temperatures in the mid minus twenties Centigrade. Still, that didn’t stop us nipping out to “road-test” Janet’s recently acquired Nikon D80 with 18-200mm zoom lens, (a very nice piece of kit – although we are still at “neanderthal” level in terms of understanding and using all its features).

We popped up to take a shot of the new church in the north east corner of Okotoks that acts as a land-mark for several miles around.

We drove to look at Big Rock (which we have mentioned before) in winter. You may recall, this glacial erratic lies behind the naming of Okotoks.
We managed to pull over to the side of the main road into Okotoks to catch the sun as it set over the mountains to the west.
And the following morning, before the next bank of cloud rolled in, we managed to snap the tree outside our house, along with a view of next door’s very nice house!

Changing of the seasons…

Do you remember that late summer scene of the lake out the back of our house…

Look what a few weeks of cold weather and some snowfall has done to it..

The lake has completely frozen over. It looks stunning. The Canadian’s seem an enterprising bunch and they certainly love the outdoors, evidenced by the following…

This is one of maybe 5 different ice rinks that the locals have created for themselves on the lake. You have to admire their determination. It is a significant job to shift that much snow to expose the ice and then they spend an age trying to smooth the surface. Then it snows again and they have to clear the rink again!

It’s fascinating to watch them at work and then to see them enjoy the fruits of their labours.


So that’s what minus 27°C feels like!

How typical of our luck. The weather folk have been going on about how this will be the coldest Canadian winter in years and to underline this “fact”, we have been going through an extremely cold spell this past couple of weeks. Until a couple of days ago, we’d had numerous continuous days of “overcast” (it’s sort of different here…the sky goes very white) weather with daytime temperatures of -24°C (with a wind-chill factor making it feel like -27°C).

We decided that we weren’t going to hide from it and even though we weren’t brave enough to venture out for walks, we did make sure we went about our business in terms of going to the shops and so on. You know that brain-freeze feeling you get when you eat too much ice cream at once…well it sort of feels like that, all over your head and body! So, it was out with the hats and thermal gloves and numerous layers of clothing, which all helped to make it manageable.

It’s been nice to see the sun again this past couple of days although we had a fairly large dump of snow last night. Quite bizarrely though, we looked out the front door just before lunchtime today and someone (we have absolutely no idea who) has cleared our drive of all the snow. What a saint! It left us completely dumbfounded…we’ll let you know if we find out who the Good Samaritan was and why they felt compelled to be so kind!